The Pathology department was like a cast of character actors. Dr. V was a charm with eyes popping out of his thick spectacles. He would drone on and on even in the blackness of the brown-outs, his voice and the scratching of the chalk punctuating the dark BSLR. 

His lectures were overflowed with jokes but his exams were not funny at all. Dr. B was always well groomed and well dressed in his suit. His lectures always packed the house. Classmates would cut cutting classes, sleepy heads would sit up with eyes wide open. Dr. B gave only a few lectures but they will always be remembered as brilliant logical and humorous. The class would always show its appreciation with a standing ovation. Dr. D had a very unpredictable temper. It was that one day; he found Desky and Eric at a chess game, Kristin playing the piano and the whole class in such a state noise that he gave us an ear-breaking lecture and christened the class… the rotten apples.